Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cable car to training, why not?!

Bolzano is very cool. 3 cable cars from town up into the mountains. We caught one to training today. We had light get-into-the-map session today and chose a map called Jenesien (Can´t get it online right now sorry). Turns out the best way there is via cable car. So we took the tiny cable car up over 1000m with some Italian women who looked quite surprised at our enthusiasm for what must have been a daily journey for them. Amazing views.
Map was fun, relatively clean, steep but not too bad with lots of subtle re-entrants. Rocks were like midget versions of what we would see in Aussie. Did a short course after we had got into the map.
Had our lunch on the edge of the forest in view of a house that could have been straight out of The Sound of Music. This combined with the German street signs and Cowbells made the area seem much more stereotypically Swiss or Austrian than Italian. Tomorrow we are heading furthur out to a place called Wölfl, no cable cars tomorrow only buses that conveniently run into the middle of nowhere.
We are working on figuring a way to get photos up and will bombard you once we can.

Tom and Greta

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